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With locations in East Legon, Accra, and Loho, Wa, the Nubuke Foundation is an organization dedicated to the arts and culture. We aim to record, preserve, and promote art and culture through film screenings, exhibitions, and art talks.

Nubuke Foundation is located at 7 Lomé Close, East Legon. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday, between the hours of 10am and 5pm. There is no admission fee.

We have about four exhibitions yearly, two of which are our flagship programmes dedicated to supporting Young Ghanaian Artists.

Yes, you can. Kindly email us samples (at most five) of your recent works, artist CV, statement, and bio on

Nubuke Foundation is a welcoming, nondiscriminatory environment for everybody.

Kindly contact us via email on or call us on +233277445596 / +233289102163

Kindly email your cv to

Yes, send us an email on

We have a gift shop and café on site and so we discourage bringing food from outside onto our premises.

Parking is allowed on Lomé Street at no cost.

You can take personal photos and videos at Nubuke Foundation. However, professional photography and videography (i.e. the use of a professional camera, tripod, etc.) come at a fee. If unsure, ask a site employee for clarification.

Nubuke Foundation’s space can be booked for all private events that fall within the laws of the country.

No, pets are not allowed within or outside of our premises.

You contact us via email on or call us on +233277445596/ +233289102163

Links to all our events tickets can be found in our Instagram bio @nubuke_foundation and @nubuke_wa.

Kindly join our mailing list or follow us on social media to be updated on our events and news.

Email us a sample of your proposal for partnership to

Avoiding touching or standing too close to artworks. Please get in touch with us If you are interested in buying an artwork.

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