Preserve, Promote & Record

Nubuke Foundation has worked to Preserve, Promote and Record the richness and diversity of Ghanaian culture and visual arts. Within this time, several publications have been curated to support this habit/history/culture of custodianship.

These publications include a publication commemorating the foundation's 10th Anniversary, Nubuke Foundation's 'Ghana: A Portrait ', exhibition catalogues, manuals, and Nubuke Foundation's art magazine ART FOCUS.

A Portrait.

Max Milligan

Portraiture and photography have long been an art form practiced throughout the history of Ghana. With the adoption of this art form came the capturing of everyday events, flora and fauna as well as the lives of people. These photographs would be kept in albums, preserving those special and rare family moments so that they could be re-visited over and over again.

The founding members of Nubuke Foundation envisaged the publication- Ghana: A Portrait as a way to re-present several portraits of Ghana to coincide with the 50th anniversary of independence in 2007.

For 2 years, award winning photographer, Max Milligan travelled the entire country capturing the architecture, traditional ceremonies, the landscape, the vegetation and most importantly countless genuine and open-hearted of Ghanaians.

The publication pays tribute to a similar publication produced by Paul Strand 40 years prior, titled Ghana: An African Portrait. The newly independent nation was the subject of Paul Strand's camera lens-capturing the essence of its unity.

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