Permanent Exhibition 

Presently, the Permanent Exhibition at the Nubuke Centre for Clay and Textiles features works from Cecilia Lamptey Botchway (YGA 2021) and creations that emerged from the British Council Digital Collaboration (BCDC).

The exhibition showcases various textile styles and patterns created by hand-picked master weavers in the towns of Nadowli, Nandom, and Wa. It also includes additional pieces by Michael Jackson Bleboo, and Edward Lamptey. Also featured  are chairs woven by students from the school for the blind.


The centre currently has a makeshift library which we hope to expand to serve the needs of the community. The collection includes children’s books, art publications as well as fictional and non-fictional work.

At this time, donations in kind or other are welcome to help us expand our collection and build a community literary space.


A diverse range of games are available at the centre, such as Oware, Ludu, Cards, Draft, Dame and Skipping Rope.

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Nubuke Foundation, Accra 2022