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Nubuke, Ghana

Collaborations are a path to greater growth and pooling of resources, which we embrace at The Foundation. In addition, it promotes a collective understanding necessary for organic growth.


The AWA (Art West Africa) consortium, comprising the Koré Centre in Ségou and Institut Francaise, is the managing body for the implementation of the "ACP-EU Culture Programme: support for the Culture and Creation in West Africa- AWA." The consortium was selected by the EU and The Organisation of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States to distribute funding to the creative and cultural industries of West Africa.

Nubuke Foundation's Centre for Clay and Textiles in Wa is a beneficiary of this creative and cultural support.

British Council Digital Collaboration Fund

The Nubuke Foundation in Ghana, with Assemble in the UK, and the Textile Department at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria, partnered on a digital project aimed at creating a multicultural learning community in close collaboration with artists and crafts(wo)men to stimulate creative exchanges of artisanal and contemporary art practices. In addition, the project focused on collating, disseminating, and further developing indigenous knowledge and skill to foster its preservation and promising passage into the future.

With extensive documentation of what is already taking place in Wa ongoing, the next step is to build online and digital tools to exchange design ideas between makers in Ghana, the UK, and beyond, and long term we imagine residency programmes and new globally marketable products.

We believe in preserving existing knowledge and sustaining local communities economically. The archive resulting from this will be an open, de-colonial, non-judgemental, flexible place of exchange.

Google Arts & Culture

Nubuke Foundation first partnered with Google Arts & Culture in 2015, collaborating on the 89plus Residency Program at Google Arts & Culture Lab. Twenty one artists participated in a workshop at the foundation and explored the synergies of technology and art.

In order to preserve Ghanaian culture and share it with the world, Nubuke Foundation has once again collaborated with Google Arts & Culture, presenting global audiences the opportunity to virtually experience contemporary art from Ghana.

As part of this collaboration and as the first Ghanaian partner to come onboard on Google Arts & Culture, the Foundation is thrilled to share over 270 artworks and 9 online exhibits shining light on Ghanaian contemporary art and artists.

Our goal is to continue to fuel the creative communities. Enjoy exploring our collection on Google Arts & Culture.
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Nubuke Foundation, Accra 2022