Children’s Workshops

The Foundation organises workshops with sessions on art, music, crafts, and poetry for students in the community. Artist visits have also featured prominently, with artists volunteering to hold workshops for the children.

These workshops have served as grounds/space for the discovery of a love for and investment in learning about African arts, literature, and culture.


From Children to Collectives

As an institution that understands the importance of community, Nubuke Foundation prioritises the locality we find ourselves in and are committed to investing in it.

Nubuke Foundation considers itself a member of the communities around us and is dedicated to supporting and uplifting these communities.


The Nubuke Foundation's Container Library is home to a reading club that has greatly impacted the reading skills and confidence of participating students. Hosted on Fridays, these sessions focus on developing verbal confidence and have been instrumental in improving access and interest in African literature. The library is stocked with books and catalogues on various topics including Art.

We welcome donations to our growing collection.
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Nubuke Foundation, Accra 2022