Weaving Collectives & Schools

The 10th anniversary of Nubuke Foundation coincided with the launching of its newly constructed centre for Textiles and Clay situated in Loho, just on the outskirts of Wa, in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

The ambitious goal of setting up this centre comes from the dream of two of its founding members – Odile Tevie and Kofi Setordji to extend Nubuke Foundation's vision to promote, support and stimulate artisanal practice in clay pottery and textile weaving in one of the beautiful regions in Ghana.

Weaving Collectives & Associations

Nambeg & Nadowli

Two Collectives of weavers and clay potters from Nadowli and Nambeg worked with Kofi Setordji in 'unpacking' their knowledge of the traditional artistic practice. Through several iterations of learning and unlearning have evolved many delightful creations and products.

What these artisans have learned about the design process and technical tools have furnished them with skills to produce works that bear a marked increase in quality and aesthetics.

School of The Blind And Deaf 

Wa, Ghana

Wa Methodist School for the blind and The Wa School for the Deaf (Wadeaf) have received support from the Nubuke Foundation since 2011.

In addition to donations of materials- yarns and dyes, workshops so far have been covered with the Deaf students are Introduction to new design ideas; Colour- Yarn dyeing; Technical- Understanding of equipment and tools, and Entrepreneurial skills.

The students in the Blind School produce furniture- weaving intricate nylon threads around metal frames to make modern designs. We have introduced them to new materials and table looms- providing new skills and ideas on sustainability.

Students from the school for the deaf have also been introduced to new household products that can be made from the materials already at their disposal such as placemats, small baskets, etc.

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Nubuke Foundation, Accra 2022