2022 Artists
Following the tradition of festivals in Ghana as sites for commemoration, celebration, and community strengthening and development, Nubuke Foundation conceptualised the WOORI festival.

It is an opportunity to showcase intergenerational indigenous knowledge and interventions within the fields of weaving and pottery and to invite conversations, contributions, and interactions deliberately.

Doing this will lead to increased understanding and transformation of textile weaving and clay moulding tradition in the Upper West region of Ghana.

Tei Huagie
Ransford Anane
Billie Mcternan
Alice Raymond
Edward Lamptey
Edinam Boni Mississo
Halimatu Iddrisu
Seyram Agleze
Gideon Hanyame

It is a gathering for researchers, artists, and creative people who wish to explore the multifaceted nature of synesthetic perceptions to tease out and showcase the synergies and connections with visual, sound, textures, shapes, and performance art that they can create within these creative forms.

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Nubuke Foundation, Accra 2022