30 September 2023 – 28 October 2023


Afi Kodjobi
Afi Kodjobi’s series EIDOS, meaning form in Greek, is equal parts a quest to uncover the multiple layers that form her identity and an establishing of the idea that who we are is made, and remade, in relationship to those around us.

Through the tip of her pen the artist makes an imprint of her journey in a world that often privileges the destination.

Drawing from Plato’s theory of forms, Kodjobi’s exploration in EIDOS moves between how something is and how something appears to be. In this space of abstraction, between what is and what might be, is where Kodjobi has created a universe of shapes where you, along with her, create EIDOS.

Rich in pareidolia, the visual illusions in the artwork give each viewer the opportunity to make their own meaning out of what they see. A focus on a detail blurs the boundaries of sight, drawing you into the shapes of your dreams, into an abyss of unknown worlds that only you can give meaning to.
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Nubuke Foundation, Accra 2022